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Visit with me, Angel, the poodle, and Sadie, the labradoodle, and all our friends. My owner, Donna J. Shepherd, has even written a book about us! "Poodle and Doodle" is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Guardian Angel Publishing, and lots of other places. Woof!

Bringing home a new pet can be difficult for everyone, especially if there is already a pet at home! Two silly dogs learn a valuable lesson about friendship in this charming, colorful story! Both the antics and the illustrations made me laugh! - Jennifer Reed
"Poodle and Doodle is a fun read-a-loud that celebrates the gift found in differences. Loved it!" - Caroline Pignat, author of Greener Grass, WINNER of the Governor General's Award 2009.

About Me!

I'm Angel, a purebreed poodle. I know the book is called Poodle AND Doodle, but this blog should be all about ME. I'm the true star in the family, you know. I go every few weeks to the groomer to get beautified, and I do my nails every morning. The other dogs don't even go to the groomer. Mama Donna adopted me after my first owner's cat tried to treat me like a mouse. After getting shook around a few times, I was ready to leave. At the time I only weighed about three pounds. I'm up to about twelve pounds now, so that makes me a lightweight in this house, but I'm still the boss. Just ask me.

My owner, Donna Shepherd, wrote the book Poodle & Doodle. It's about me (of course), but I have to admit, just as much about the 'new' dog, a labradoodle. In the book, she is a 'he' named Scruffy, but in real life, her name is Sadie. Just her head is almost as big as I am!

Poodle and Doodle is published by Guardian Angel Publishing. The publisher has a page for Poodle & Doodle. Click HERE. It's on sale on Barnes & Noble. Click HERE to order! To order directly from the publisher or get the eBook, click HERE.
Mama Donna's Books for Kids:
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Addison County Humane Society

Mama Donna watched this video and oo'ed and awww'ed through the whole thing. It's about a shelter that takes in strays and unwanted animals and places them with new families. A very good thing.

Just What We Need - Another Sadie!

Mama Donna's friend, Cheryl, has a lab named Sadie. Her Sadie is just like mine - getting into trouble all the time! Labs sure do have a lot of energy.

The last photo was taken when Cheryl caught Sadie when she was 5 months old, running around the house with the Fruit Loops box on her head that had been left on the counter. She stuck her head in trying to enjoy the last couple of ‘loops’ in the box. She managed to shake the box off her head, but couldn’t manage to rid herself of the foil container inside the box. She was NOT happy as you can see. She could star in “Star Trek” as an alien! She’s certainly a character!

Coloring Page - Poodle and Doodle

I'm featured in a coloring page. Mama's illustrator, Jack Foster, drew this. Look how big the Doodle is!

*Click on picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored OR right click on picture, and then 'save picture as...' and you can print it out using your photo program. 

Doodle Service Dogs

Ariel's momma, Leah, went on vacation recently. At the pool one day she spotted a service dog who looked kind of like Sadie. Turns out it was a Goldendoodle. She was owned by a little girl with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and acts as her canine assistant or service dog. She knows 90 commands. She can go for help, turn lights on and off, and fetch things when her little girl drops them. Isn't that great? I guess I'm pretty small to be a canine assistant, but I'm very proud that Doodles do that sort of service.

Angel Goes to the Groomer

Here's I am trying to get to Mama Donna.

I did get to run around the place like I owned it.

Mama wanted to show me off.

I am one tired pup. Staying so beautiful's hard on a girl.

Adventures of Lina and Sadie

Remember how Mama Donna got a parakeet and Sadie won't leave her alone? Well, Sadie has almost plucked Lina's tail feathers out several times now. This is the view from Donna's desk of Sadie still stalking Lina. See her cage at the end of the hall? Sadie finally quit going into the room and endlessly barking at Lina, but she's still mesmerized. And just about the time Sadie gives up and lies down, Lina starts squawking at her and they're off and running again.

I Got an Award!

My good friend, Amigo, has given me (and Mama Donna since she's the one who puts my thoughts on this blog...) an award! Amigo has his own blog, too - Pets and Their Authors. He celebrated by taking a mud bath, but I can't imagine doing that. That would mess up my pedicure!

Can you believe this?

Oh, the humiliation. Mama Donna and Leah decided I needed a coat because cooler weather is coming soon to our area. As you can tell, I'm not thrilled about it. I might change my mind when snow is as tall as I am...but I doubt it.

Interview with Sadie

Can you believe it? Someone interviewed Sadie before me. Everyone knows I'm the bigger star in Poodle and Doodle. But - good for Sadie. She gets the spotlight today on Mayra Calvani's blog, Pets and Their Authors. Check it out by clicking HERE!

Mayra wrote a book about a dog, too, called Crash.

So, Mayra, when you will you be interviewing the real diva?

A Coloring Page/Hidden Picture Puzzle for Summer

Click HERE to download a hidden picture puzzle page to solve and then color. Can YOU find all the hidden objects? Have fun!

New Oodle Friend - Sophie

Another one of Mama Donna's smart friends have been adopted by a poodle like me! The family named her Sophie.

Here's Sophie and her Mama Hope. See how litttle Sophie is? That's how big I was when I came to live with my family. Of course, I'm still not that much bigger.


Mama Donna' wait, I should say MY illustrator has put an announcement on his blog about the book along with another sneak peek. Check it out!

Another Pet??

Mama Donna brought home a noisy, messy parakeet. Now I couldn't care less about the bird, but she's driving Sadie and Ariel crazy.

Sadie stalks the poor thing.

Ariel is a lot shorter, so all she can do is stare and whine. Pitiful.

Lina, the object of their obsession.

Sadie sat like this all day.
Uh-oh. Sadie just jumped up and tried to bite at the parakeet's tail feather when it jutted through the side of the cage. And now Lina, is trying to figure out how to open the doors where Donna puts the feed in.
This is not good.
To be continued...

Sadie's New Toy

Mama Donna has a difficult time finding toys that Sadie can't chew to pieces. She bought a ring for Sadie that she could throw like a Frisbee. The only thing was, Sadie couldn't figure out how to pick it up out of the grass. Here she is the first time she picked it up. She ran all over the yard like that. Donna was bent over double laughing at her. How could she even see?

Here she is guarding her new toy. Look at her tongue! You can tell she played really hard. See the black dot? That's so not a poodle thing, but the lab part of her.

Sadie played and played, and she did not want to come in. She's outside on the deck, exhausted, but refusing to let go of her new toy.

Donna couldn't get her to come in, so she stood at the patio door for at least a half hour. It's getting dark and Raleigh and Ariel want her to come in, too. Can you see how dirty that toy is?

Henry - the Goldendoodle

Mama Donna's niece, Heather, is owned by a Goldendoodle, Henry. When she first brought him home, he was like Sadie. He didn't like having his picture made.

But now, look at him! He's eating up the attention!

Not One Bit Poodle or Doodle

Mama Donna tried to tell Leah that this was a blog for Oodles, but Leah wouldn't listen. She feels that Ariel, the Boston Terrier, should get her day in the spotlight. Since she's my bed buddy and lets me eat from her bowl, I'm agreeing with Leah. We play really well together because she's more my size. She headbutts me now and then, but I think that's just a BT thing.

Here she is sunning on the back deck.

Excerpt and Sneak Peek from Poodle & Doodle

Okay, normally I'm kinda cool about all this book stuff, but Mama Donna is excited to share another illustration from this book she wrote about Sadie and me. In the book, Sadie is a boy named Scruffy. Thankfully, she left me alone. I'm still a female poodle, and that's a good thing. Why mess with perfection?

He gobbles down his dinner.
He leaves an awful mess,
While I take small and proper bites
And I eat so much less.

(Poodle and Doodle by Donna J. Shepherd, Illustrated by Jack Foster, Guardian Angel Publishing, TBA)

Sadie Looking Good

Sadie got all brushed out, and I must say, she looks good. So fluffy - not scruffy at all!

Raleigh - Goldendoodle

Remember how I said Raleigh follows Mama Donna around when she has the camera? Here's more evidence. He should be called Hamdoodle!

David Rocked Goliath

Mama found this video starring two Booples named Poodle and Doodle. Isn't that funny? They sure don't look like 'oodles to me!

Did you color the coloring page?

Mike did and sent his masterpiece to Mama Donna. Great job, Mike! I look good with dark hair, don't I?

But I'm Not Fat!

Mama Donna took me to the doctor because I had a lump on my chest. The vet thinks it's a lipoma - a benign fatty lump. Older, overweight dogs can develop them, but I tell you I am NOT old and certainly not fat. I'm just right! Now I have to have it removed and the doc will clean my teeth, too. I want to keep my teeth nice and bright, but I'm not too keen on being sedated.

Here I am reigning from the middle of the queen-sized bed - perfect for a royal pup like me. Don't my ears look pretty?

UPDATE: I came through surgery fine. I have stitches on my chest and on my back, but I'm pretty sure my coat will grow out and cover them up. I hope so! I also had my teeth cleaned. No cavities for me!

First Peek at Poodle & Doodle

Jack Foster sent Donna one of the first illustrations for Poodle & Doodle. Here I am trying to have a proper tea with Leah and who crashes the party? Scruffy (aka Sadie in real life)!

Sadie Needs a Trip to the Beauty Parlor

Unlike me, Sadie doesn't visit the groomer very often. She gets brushed out and that's about it. Oh, the horror of it all! Here's Sadie as a puppy showing off her wild look.

This is one of my favorite pictures because, as you can see from her profile, she really does have some poodle traits.

Amigo - My Friend

How did Poodle & Doodle come about? It first started when Mama Donna's friend, Mayra Calvani, said she wanted to do interviews from a pet's perspective for her blog Pets and Their Authors. Donna sent her an interview from Sadie the labradoodle's point of view, and told her a bit about all her dogs (like today, there are 4 dogs here!). Mayra suggested Donna write about us. When she started the book, who tells the story? Me!

Mayra also wrote a book about her pet called Crash! You know the best part? She donates 50% of the royalties from CRASH! to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary. Isn't that great?

Amigo has his own blog, too. Click HERE. In this picture, Mama Mayra says Amigo is trying to terrorize ducks in the local park. Oh, dear. We poodles wouldn't do that, would we? I wonder if Raleigh would since he's a goldendoodle - half golden retriever?

A New Poodle Friend for Me!

He's a mini toy poodle mix. His mama is Laura Weir. Mama Donna met her on Facebook after Laura posted some pictures of Rusty. He's 1 year and 4 months old and he's a very good boy. He was potty/grass trained in only 3 weeks (so smart — never soils the house), but he loves to throw the pillows off the couch.

Laura said Rusty only weighed 4 pounds when she got him, and now he's a whopping 12 pounds - like me! I bet we could play really well together, and he wouldn't run me over like Sadie does now and then.

Here he is now all grown up. He's a very handsome boy.

This is the picture that caught Mama's eye. With Rusty looking into the fisheye lens like that, he looks like his nose is almost as big as a labradoodle's!

Tucker's Tale

One of Mama Donna's fellow Guardian Angel Publishing (GAP for short) authors has written a book called Tucker's Tale about a dog who is rescued. 100% of the author and illustrator proceeds from the sale of this book to be donated to animal rescues nationwide. That's a good thing, right? I have always had a loving home. I'm so glad!

Meet the author, Christopher Walsh, and see a video about Tucker. Click HERE.

Raleigh - another 'doodle' (Goldendoodle)

Raleigh really looks handsome here, doesn't he? I have to respect any Doodle that will wear a tie. Brings out the poodle in him!

Oh, no - another kind of 'Oodle!

Mama Donna has a writer friend, Cynthia Reeg, who has a different kind of 'Oodle - a Schnoodle - a Schnauzer-Poodle combo named Holly. At least she has poodle in her. That's the important thing!

It looks like Holly goes to the groomer, too. I always come home with a pretty bandana or pink bows in my ears. Here's a picture Cynthia sent. I have to say she's pretty cute, although not as cute as me. Close though!

Can you believe Holly has even done her own interview? She talks about the books that Mama Cindy has written like Kitty Kerplinking and Doggie Day Camp. Click HERE to read it.

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