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Visit with me, Angel, the poodle, and Sadie, the labradoodle, and all our friends. My owner, Donna J. Shepherd, has even written a book about us! "Poodle and Doodle" is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Guardian Angel Publishing, and lots of other places. Woof!

Bringing home a new pet can be difficult for everyone, especially if there is already a pet at home! Two silly dogs learn a valuable lesson about friendship in this charming, colorful story! Both the antics and the illustrations made me laugh! - Jennifer Reed
"Poodle and Doodle is a fun read-a-loud that celebrates the gift found in differences. Loved it!" - Caroline Pignat, author of Greener Grass, WINNER of the Governor General's Award 2009.

About Me!

I'm Angel, a purebreed poodle. I know the book is called Poodle AND Doodle, but this blog should be all about ME. I'm the true star in the family, you know. I go every few weeks to the groomer to get beautified, and I do my nails every morning. The other dogs don't even go to the groomer. Mama Donna adopted me after my first owner's cat tried to treat me like a mouse. After getting shook around a few times, I was ready to leave. At the time I only weighed about three pounds. I'm up to about twelve pounds now, so that makes me a lightweight in this house, but I'm still the boss. Just ask me.

My owner, Donna Shepherd, wrote the book Poodle & Doodle. It's about me (of course), but I have to admit, just as much about the 'new' dog, a labradoodle. In the book, she is a 'he' named Scruffy, but in real life, her name is Sadie. Just her head is almost as big as I am!

Poodle and Doodle is published by Guardian Angel Publishing. The publisher has a page for Poodle & Doodle. Click HERE. It's on sale on Barnes & Noble. Click HERE to order! To order directly from the publisher or get the eBook, click HERE.
Mama Donna's Books for Kids:
Join Donna's Fan Club - Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer's Facebook Page Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer's Facebook Page Click on banner to join. Kids, ask your parents first!

Oodles of Fun Thanksgiving

Liz Ball shares a Hidden Picture Puzzle for Thanksgiving. Hidden Pictures Publishing released the first book in Mama Donna's Topsy Tales Series, Topsy Turvy Land. Enjoy!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

Angel and Cash on Deck

Well, finally! Cash quit trying to gnaw on my back leg and we could get a bit of sun on the deck today. He has loads of energy and loves to play. Unfortunately, he really likes to annoy me!

FlatButt and Widdle

Can you believe we have another dog at our house? Cash (named after Johnny) is another Boston Terrier. He and Ariel are big buddies. Which is fine, but now they leave me out of the fun sometimes. Cash tries to gnaw on my back leg which irritates me to no end. He is pretty funny though with his big ears, and he hops around like a deer all the time.

When he and Ariel go out, they like to lie in the grass to sun themselves. Now I like to lie on the deck (I don't like getting leaves and grass in MY hair!), but Ariel and Cash don't seem to mind and turn into big puppy blobs when the sun hits them. Drives Mama Donna crazy when she's trying to get them to come in, but usually she lets them be for a while since they love it so much.

Djaingo Saying Grace

Maybe I should be saying grace for the good Eukanuba food Mama Donna give me! Occasionally, she shares her Subway sandwiches and Taco Bell burritos with me, too, but don't tell Sadie and Ariel!

Coloring Page - Where's Chizzy?

Where's Chizzy? Dotty sure looks scared, doesn't she?

Chizzy is the monkey featured on the cover of Topsy Turvy Land (Hidden Pictures Publishing) written by Mama Donna and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier. 

Dotty and Chizzy both make appearances in the other Topsy Tales, too (Chizzy's Topsy Tale, Dotty's Topsy Tale, and Sully's Topsy Tale).  

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

Dancing Dog

This dog must have unbelievable strength in her back legs. I cannot see Sadie (or me!) even being able to do this. She sure looks like she's having fun! And I DO like her outfit.

Big Sadie Is a Big Baby

Remember how I said Sadie doesn't like the camera? Well, here's more proof. Mama Donna tried to get Sadie to run around in the yard because she thinks Sadie is so graceful and pretty when she runs. But Sadie spotted the camera and wouldn't budge.

Sparkles Has a New Video!

Remember my friend, Sparkles? She and her Mama Dayna have a brand new video out with a really neat story about how a little girl was saved from a fire because she didn't panic and remembered what Sparkles' book told her to do.


Mama gave Sadie a bone, so Sadie took it to the landing to protect it. She doesn't have to worry that I'll try to get it. I've learned that lesson. Stay out of Sadie's way when she has a bone!

Dogfest 2010 - West Chester

Mama Donna had a table in the PAWS area at Dogfest 2010 where she sold Poodle and Doodle and took tons of pictures. Here's a very elegant (like me!) poodle. She poses like I do, too.

Click HERE to visit PAWS Adoption Center.

Dogfest 2010 - West Chester

Mama Donna had a table in the PAWS area at Dogfest 2010 where she sold Poodle and Doodle. She had so much fun seeing all the poodles and doodles and took a bunch of pictures. Here's a labradoodle called Chocolate Mousse. Great name!

Click HERE to visit PAWS Adoption Center.

Oodles of Summer Fun - Coloring Page

Look at that Scruffy! Always doing something mischievous!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

Mama Donna Reads One of Her Books to YOU!

Would you like to hear my Mama Donna read the book "Dotty's Topsy Tale"? You can! This month in Guardian Angel Kids Magazine, she reads the entire book. 

Click HERE to listen!

Mother's Day Printable Hidden Picture Puzzle/Coloring Page

A special treat! Mama Donna's first book, Topsy Turvy Land, was published by Hidden Pictures Publishing. In Topsy Turvy Land, hidden hearts are every page and a puzzle is on the back cover. To celebrate Mother's Day, we get to share a hidden picture puzzle and coloring page by Liz Ball. To order books with her hidden picture puzzles or other books (like Topsy Turvy Land) from Hidden Pictures Publishing, click HERE. Wish I could hold a pencil!

Next time Liz shares a puzzle, maybe it will be one featuring dogs. Those are the best kind!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program. - Donna

I Can't Howl Like Sadie or This Dog. What a Racket!

My bark is short and high-pitched. When Sadie is really wanting to get Mama Donna's attention, she howls. Makes Mama laugh every time. Here's a video with some major howling going on. And sometimes you humans wonder if we really watch TV. Of course we do!

Sadie is SO lazy!

Mama Donna uploaded a video of Sadie when Don tries to get her to go for a walk. She'll do anything to get out of going.

Reviews for Poodle & Doodle

Poodle and Doodle is out! Reviewers have reviewed. It's a very short picture book, so it takes very little time to read, but I know it takes a while to formulate a well-worded review. Jack Foster did the sweetest illustrations. The reason it's so simple is that it's also being released as an app for iKids Play, so I'll not only be a book and blog star, but a star on iTunes!

Each page has 4 lines of text with a very simple illustration. It also has hidden bones in some of the illustrations. Bones - yummy!

What readers are saying...

"This charming children’s story in delightful rhyme will amuse every reader as it shows there IS room for more than one dog." - Nancy Carty Lepri, author of Tiny Angel

"Poodle and Doodle is adorable! Donna Shepherd's books are perfect for kids (and moms!) of all ages!" - Jill Hart, co-author of So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom: A Christian's Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business,

"Can a poodle with a diva attitude and a Labradoodle without a pedigree really get along? Poodle and Doodle by Donna Shepherd is a perfectly blended tale mixed with just the right touch of humor. The poodle’s discovery that she does not always have to be “top dog” and that being a friend is important, make this book not only a delightful read, but also teaches children valuable life lessons.

This lovely book, adorned with charming illustrations by Jack Foster, is “pawsitively wonderful” and is sure to be enjoyed by both young and old alike." - Dayna Hilton, (Firefighter Dayna) author of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog (saddle stitched)

"With its delightful language and charming illustrations, Poodle and Doodle is a picture book that can be read and enjoyed again and again. The story of how Angel, the "perfect" poodle, adjusts to the intrusion of Scruffy, the Labradoodle, will make both children and adults laugh. Donna Shepherd's clever rhymes bring Angel's personality to life, and Jack Foster's artwork adds to the humor. Hidden bones in many of the illustrations keep things fun for multiple readings. The story entertains while teaching good lessons about friendship and change. Great for both home and school libraries!" - Diana R. Jenkins, author of Stepping Stones: The Comic Collection (Diana's blog: DJ's Thoughts)

"In this heartwarming story from a dog’s point of view, children learn it may be hard to accept a newcomer who’s different—but opposites can become best friends. A delightful read-aloud for any kid who loves dogs." - Liz Ball, author/illustrator of Friends Hidden Treasures: Hidden Picture Puzzles

"Poodle and Doodle by Donna J Shepherd is an adorable picture book about a tiny poodle who is upset when her humans bring home a gigantic labradoodle named Scruffy. At first the dainty little dog is upset by the new dog's clumsiness and lack of manners, but eventually she realizes living with Scruffy has advantages.

The book is told in rhyme that's comfortable and not artificially forced, unlike some rhyming picture books I've seen. The colorful illustrations by Jack Foster are perfect portrayals of the cute and amusing story. Poodle and Doodle would appeal to most young kids but it would be especially appropriate for those who love dogs and children coping with sibling rivalry." - Janet Ann Collins, author of Secret Service Saint

"When Scruffy- part Poodle, part Labrador Retriever joins the family, he is snubbed by the family’s dog, a full breed Poodle. Everything Scruffy does is “rude and rough” from eating his food, to eating a sandwich off the kitchen counter. But, the pretty little Poodle soon discovers that having Scruffy around can come in handy, AND that he is actually a good friend. Well written rhyme and colorful illustrations show the dichotomy between these two silly dogs and encourage children to never judge a book a by its cover!"Jennifer Reed, children’s author

"Donna Shepherd knows that being different from one another can be oodles of fun! Poodle and Doodle's antics will leave you begging for more, and I love the illustrations, too!" - Stephanie Reed, author of The Light Across the River

Poodle and Doodle will charm most any little guy or girl, with the antics of pets sharing space. Donna’s rocking rhymes tell a believable story with plenty of ‘cute’. The art is especially appealing with simple, bright lines. What a sweet example of how changes in families call for an attitude adjustment. That slightly jealous poodle shows us how she came around to understanding the new Doodle arrival, and accepting what he had to offer! The story is a wonderful character lesson, in doggy disguise.” - April Boyer, author and editor of Seeds in Season Writing Resources

"Here’s a book that both you and the kids will enjoy. Poodle and Doodle by Donna Shepherd tells the story of a prissy poodle that is all upset when her owner brings home a mangy mutt to join the family. Wasn’t she dog enough? Especially when Leah has brought home Scruffy, a large, clumsy and sloppy Labradoodle.

Kids will love following along on this rhyming adventure, made complete with funny and charming illustrations created by Jack Foster. Parents will enjoy the easy way they can teach their young children about acceptance and friendship. And while the characters in this one are dogs, parents could easily relate this story to siblings and the many wonderful quirks brothers and sisters put up with out of love.

Poodle and Doodle will snuggle their way into your child’s heart, just like they did with each other. This is a book that won’t stay on the shelf long because your children will want to read it over and again, just like in our house.
"- Cheryl Malandrinos, The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection

"Poodle and Doodle is a fun, cute story that will delight children of all ages, especially those who love dogs. The artwork, done in the computer in bright, happy colors, complements the book perfectly. It has an important underlying message: nobody's perfect and one must always look at the positive side of people--or dogs! My 12-year old daughter also read it and loved it, and although she’s old now for this type of book, she said: “If I were 5 I would ask you to read it to me every night.” Coming from a child, I think that says a lot." - Mayra CalvaniMayra's Secret Bookcase

"The balance of friendship can be a difficult one to understand. At times one may feel they are overshadowed by a friend and become frustrated. Poodle and Doodle by Donna J. Shepherd explores an unexpected friendship in this delightful rhyming story of two distinctly different dogs.

What comes forth through the eyes of one fancy poodle pup, Angel, is her own insecurities of having another dog around. When Scruffy, a cross between Poodle and Labrador is brought home by their owner, Leah, havoc ensues wherever Scruffy goes. His less than stellar manners appall Angel until the “ah-ha” moment that Scruffy is not so bad and is actually fun to have around.

Shepherd wonderfully brings to life real life issues all humans contend with in finding their place with friends. Most of all, we are all individuals whether canine or human and should appreciate the positives in all we meet.

Illustrator, Jack Foster brings the canine characters to life with their young owner, Leah, making it an adventure to read over and over again." - Donna M. McDine, Children's Author -; National Writing for Children Center

"Poodle and Doodle is a fun read-a-loud that celebrates the gift found in differences. Loved it!" - Caroline Pignat, author of Greener Grass, WINNER of the Governor General's Award 2009. 

Labradoodle Tricks

Mama Donna posted a video of a poodle doing tricks, so I suppose the labradoodle should get equal time. Here's a very smart labradoodle puppy. Sadie does most of these tricks, too. She doesn't roll over much though. She's such a big dog she needs a LOT of room for that!

Puppy Fun

This puppy isn't an oodle, but he's fun to watch. He can barely walk five steps without taking a break. Click on the picture to watch the video.

Lots of people are congratulating Donna on the book, writing about us, and linking to us - whatever that means.

Easter Hidden Picture Puzzle and Coloring Page

An Easter Hidden Picture Puzzle from Mama Donna's talented artist friend, Liz Ball. Have fun!

Ava and Me

Mama Donna's sister came to visit and brought her granddaughter, Ava, with her. Ava fell in love with me (who wouldn't?) and sat with me on the steps for a long time. Grandma couldn't believe Ava would be still for that long. I loved the attention. Aren't we pretty girls?

Mama's mom called this morning and told her that Ava used to carry her 5 favorite books with her in the car and have 'moomoo' read them when she's visiting. Now she carries only Poodle and Doodle and she's read it to Ava about 50 times now. 

Where's My Treat?

Mama Donna wanted to get a picture of me today when I got home from the groomer. She kept talking about how pretty and fluffy my ears are. I know that. I don't need another picture. But she got me to look at her when she asked, "Do you want a treat?" See how I'm looking at her? I'm waiting. And waiting. Hey, what happened to that treat, Mama Donna??

Talented Poodle

This little poodle must be related to me. Look how cute she is and smart, too!

Hidden Picture Puzzle and Coloring Page Featuring a POODLE.

Mama Donna's good friend, Liz Ball, drew a hidden picture puzzle and coloring page with the best kind of subject - a poodle! Have fun trying to find all the hidden objects.

A Book About My Relatives

Look what Mama Donna found. A book about poodles and underneath it says, 'Oodles of Fun.' I could have told them that long ago!

New Look for Oodles of Fun

Did anyone notice I have a new look to my blog? Look at the top of the page. Jack Foster drew me peeking out between the o's in Oodle and Sadie holding up her end in Oodles of Fun. That gets two big (four if I lie on my back!) paws up!

Frankie and Sparkles

Two of my favorite furry friends, Frankie and Sparkles, have come together to help children in a fun way. Visit their blog here:

Visit Frankie's blog and watch his video about his life. If you're like Mama Donna, you might need to have a tissue handy: Joyful Paws

Puppy Angel

Have you ever wondered what I looked like as a pup? Well, here you go. I was definitely having a bad hair day!

Doggy Door Surprise

I sure would be surprised to see this coming through the doggy door!

Doggy Door - Rudy and Buffer

Mama Donna laughed and laughed at this poor dog. Rudy must be afraid of the doggy door and Buffer has to wait around on him. I'm glad I don't have to fool with one of these - although it might be easier than getting mama's attention sometimes!

In this one, I think Rudy is finally getting the hang of it!

For more fun, visit Doggy Dish Cam.

Poodle and Doodle Review - A Writing Playground

Poodle and Doodle is oodles of rhyming fun. The picture book's rhyming text is funny, but the illustrations, by Jack Foster sent me over the edge. I laughed at Angel the prim and proper poodle. Angel's owner brings in a rough undignified Labradoodle, Scruffy. Scruffy is not refined. He is messy and not the poodle's idea of a housemate.

Poor Angel sees the worst in this "lesser" dog. First impressions did little to impress Angel. As Scruffy settles in, Angel begins to realize this dog may have a few beneficial qualities. Children can learn from Angel's example to search for the good in others. The reasons they have for disliking something may turn into the qualities they love. - J. Aday Kennedy, A Writing Playground

Puppy Hidden Picture Puzzle and Coloring Page

Mama Donna's first book for children, Topsy Turvy Land, was published by Hidden Pictures Publishing. Liz Ball has her hidden picture puzzles in newspapers, magazines, and publications all across the United States and internationally, too!

It looks like Beau has a "Beware of Dog" sign, but he doesn't look like he'd be too dangerous, does he?

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

I Got an Award!

I'd like to thank all the little people that made this all possible... especially Jack Foster, who drew me so well in Poodle and Doodle.

First the rules:

1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link to them.
2: Add the award to your blog
3: Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and One Truth.
4: Nominate six creative liars... I mean writers and post links to them.
5: Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.

OK, Let's see if you can figure out which is the truth:

1. Mama Donna lets me sleep in her bed every night.
2. My favorite treat is banana slices.
3. Daddy (doggy daddy) was a champion AKC poodle.
4. Mommy (mommy mutt) was a Great Dane.
5. I've ridden in an airplane three times.
6. I love, love, love going to the groomer and being beautified.
7. And finally, Mama Donna tells everyone she sings, but she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

... and now for my six nominees:

1. Mayra Calvani - Pets and their Authors
2. Donna McDine - Write What Inspires You
3. Dayna Hilton - Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog
4. Lea Schizas - The Writing Jungle  
5. Shari Lyle-Soffe - Children's Books and More
6. Kathy Stemke - Education Tipster

I hope Mama Donna's friends join in the fun and nominate some of the ones she would have liked to add to the list. Have fun!

Now...which one of those things I listed is the Truth? Think you know? Betcha don't! Woof!

Vote for me! You know you want to.

Mama Donna registered my blog in a contest for the best dog blog. All you have do is go to this page - and enter this voting code in the voting box and clicking on the Submit button. The code is: 5EQ8X. That's it!

Mama Donna, Sadie, and I thank you!

Poodles Are the Best!

Today I have a guest - the BEST kind of guest. Another poodle! Her name is PooPa. How’d she get a name like that? It’s the sound of the words children in Germany use to say “little doll.” And I have to say, she is almost as cute as I am. PooPa's Papa (say THAT three times fast!) is Max Elliot Anderson who writes books for boys and has a blog by that name. Click HERE to read about Max.

PooPa, what do you have to say about us poodles?

"Thanks, Angel, for having me as your guest blogger today. For years, Poodles were the # 1 dog in America. But today, some people have replaced us with the following order:


1 Labrador Retrievers
2 German Shepherd Dogs
3 Yorkshire Terriers
4 Golden Retrievers
5 Beagles
6 Boxers
7 Bulldogs
8 Dachshunds
9 Poodles
10 Shih Tzu

Number NINE? Us Poodles, and our owners, would disagree. Who are these people anyway?

And there are those who say that there’s not much you can do with a Poodle. Are they kidding? We can do all sorts of things, as evidenced by the following pictures:

Did you see me in the Super Bowl? Anytime there was a dog pile, I was there.

Everybody knows that Poodles make great hunting dogs.

Sure, we aren't the biggest dogs. Angel's Mama Donna says I look like a Half-Pint Dog in a Ten-Gallon Hat.

How many of those big dogs have ever been pirates? I have.

I graduated # 1 in my obedience class. Shoot, I could have taught that class with two paws tied behind my back.

Please! Poodles are much too good for such silly tasks.

Watch for me this weekend in the Daytona 500. They haven’t given my car a number yet, or I’d let you know now.

One day I might even write a book .

Angel here. Isn't PooPa a talented dog? I would expect no less from a poodle! Thanks, PooPa, for being my guest today and letting my readers know more about how great we Poodles are. I hope you do write a book like Mama Donna did!

Funny Face

Mama Donna found this picture of Raleigh as a puppy. Doesn't he have a funny face? He's a goldendoodle, but more poodle than golden. That makes him A-okay in my book!

Have You Read Poodle and Doodle?

Mama Donna looks forward to receiving emails about my book, Poodle and Doodle.

Here's a fun one:
We have so enjoyed the book! My son's best friend's name is Leah and she is crazy about dogs. Perfect!
This one made Mama Donna cry a little bit:
The story itself has touched a friend in a very unexpected way. They have a daughter and just adopted another girl from China, The story runs parallel with their biological daughter's initial response to the adoption and to her eventual acceptance of her new sister. Very cool!

Krista Hamrick Illustration

Jack Foster, who illustrated Poodle and Doodle has an illustrator friend who drew this beautiful dog, Maya, holding my book! Click HERE to see more of Krista Hamrick's wonderful illustrations.

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