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Visit with me, Angel, the poodle, and Sadie, the labradoodle, and all our friends. My owner, Donna J. Shepherd, has even written a book about us! "Poodle and Doodle" is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Guardian Angel Publishing, and lots of other places. Woof!

Bringing home a new pet can be difficult for everyone, especially if there is already a pet at home! Two silly dogs learn a valuable lesson about friendship in this charming, colorful story! Both the antics and the illustrations made me laugh! - Jennifer Reed
"Poodle and Doodle is a fun read-a-loud that celebrates the gift found in differences. Loved it!" - Caroline Pignat, author of Greener Grass, WINNER of the Governor General's Award 2009.

About Me!

I'm Angel, a purebreed poodle. I know the book is called Poodle AND Doodle, but this blog should be all about ME. I'm the true star in the family, you know. I go every few weeks to the groomer to get beautified, and I do my nails every morning. The other dogs don't even go to the groomer. Mama Donna adopted me after my first owner's cat tried to treat me like a mouse. After getting shook around a few times, I was ready to leave. At the time I only weighed about three pounds. I'm up to about twelve pounds now, so that makes me a lightweight in this house, but I'm still the boss. Just ask me.

My owner, Donna Shepherd, wrote the book Poodle & Doodle. It's about me (of course), but I have to admit, just as much about the 'new' dog, a labradoodle. In the book, she is a 'he' named Scruffy, but in real life, her name is Sadie. Just her head is almost as big as I am!

Poodle and Doodle is published by Guardian Angel Publishing. The publisher has a page for Poodle & Doodle. Click HERE. It's on sale on Barnes & Noble. Click HERE to order! To order directly from the publisher or get the eBook, click HERE.
Mama Donna's Books for Kids:
Join Donna's Fan Club - Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer's Facebook Page Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer's Facebook Page Click on banner to join. Kids, ask your parents first!

Krista Hamrick Illustration

Jack Foster, who illustrated Poodle and Doodle has an illustrator friend who drew this beautiful dog, Maya, holding my book! Click HERE to see more of Krista Hamrick's wonderful illustrations.

Mama Donna Interviewed by Lea Schizas - Canadian Writing Examiner

Lea Schizas asked Mama Donna all kinds of questions about writing and books. The only problem I find is that she didn't talk about ME enough. Now that would have been interesting!

Poodle and Doodle for Haiti

Mama Donna received an email from Jack Foster who illustrated Poode & Doodle. He has found a way to help the people of Haiti where ALL the proceeds will go to charity. He and Mama are donating a copy of the book signed by both of them along with original sketches done while working on the book. The website is if you'd like to check it out.

Would you take a moment to look over the auctions? By bidding on our book, you'll even get free shipping, so it's a win-win for all concerned and a small way in which we can help the thousands of people hurting in Haiti.

I wish I could sign the book, too. Think maybe Mama Donna will let me sign with a paw print?

Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog

Momma Donna has a new friend who has an amazing dog. Although normally I wouldn't praise any other breed of dog but a doodle, Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog has been credited with saving several lives! Her Momma Dayna is a firefighter and wrote a book about her dog, too. In the book, children learn of the adventures of Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog and valuable fire safety tips enabling them and their families to keep fire safe. These tips include recognizing the firefighter as a helper and a friend, knowing the sound and purpose of a smoke alarm, learning how to crawl low under smoke, and understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map.

Ahd she even has a video that tells all about her!

To read more about Sparkles, visit Momma Dayna's blog at There you'll find a word search puzzle, coloring pages, more videos, and a hidden picture puzzle, too! Have fun!

Here is Sparkles' blog with lots and lots to do!

Order Sparkles' book here:

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